Tremont’s blend of clever design, central location and comprehensive facilities are only part of the investment equation. Factor-in ARC policy limiting physical expansion within fi xed urban city limits. That fact can only help drive-up capital growth and demand for apartments like Tremont overtime. With a 45% population increase by 2026 already planned for, is it little wonder St Lukes property values have risen by 60% from October 2001 to 2005 and continue to remain strong.

Conservative analysis translates that growth into a comfortable estimate of around average 6% annual return on capital, with actual return on equity reaching 35% PA. Your capital could not have a better ‘home’ than at Tremont. You may prefer to explore the finance options for the same reasons.

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45% increase projected in Auckland population by 2026

Auckland City already out-stripping
(by 2.2%) the growth of Sydney

St Lukes residential property values up 60% from 2001-2005 and remain strong.

Auckland City Council identifi es Mt Albert/St Lukes as a ‘town centre’ for high capital growth

Estimated 6% return on capital

Highly desirable central suburban location assures prime growth